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Like all quality products, da Silva Beans & Leafs owes its birth to the desire for perfection. Emidio da Silva is driven by absolute passion for coffee and tea.

Beans from different regions, combined with a variety of roasting and blending methods, offer real coffee lovers a wide selection of strengths and flavours. Da Silva Beans uses the finest Arabica beans, grown all over the world. We rely on our traditional roasting process when creating our unique and delicious blends.

Our range of teas is also unsurpassed. Da Silva Leafs offers a purely natural product. Unique combinations of flavour and aroma take you to every corner of the world. Once you have sampled this exceptional tea experience, you will never want anything else.

Fantastic coffee and tea and a comprehensive range of accessories provide a unique brand experience. To supplement its unparalleled selection of coffee and tea blends, da Silva Beans & Leafs offers its customers exclusive items such as espresso machines and accessories



Nothing is left to chance - da Silva Beans & Leafs also provides its customers with extensive information and detailed instructions to help them prepare the perfect cup of coffee or tea.

We like to invite you for a personal introduction in our showroom.

We are pleased to help you !

Emidio da Silva en Luisa Brundu.

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